Wednesday, September 15, 2010

House of Worship


This magnificent grand mosque in the city centre of kuantan, the capital of pahang state, was completed in 1993. It is named after the historical Sultan Ahmad Shah Al'Mu'adzam Shah, who founded pahang's current royal family in 1890. This mosque faces the city's wide municipal field, a welcome open green area surrounded also by other important and Heritage from the colonial to the modern era and is a tourist attraction with the mosque as centrepiece.

The mosque is built in a modernized Ottoman-Moorish Islamic style with four rocketlike minarete and a large half-round decorated flanked by four smaller domes. The interior is airily spacious with minimum pantitions, able to easily fit in more than 8000 worshippers during the friday congregational prayers.

Coordinate : latitude=3.807778, longitude=103.3278

It was constractude between 1991 and 1993 by DZJ architect and associates when it was completed, it face numerous problems including water leaking from the roof but was eventually repaired.

Situated near Jalan Masjid in centre of kuantan. located near Wisma Sri Pahang building, it is the largest mosque in pahang with 180 feet tall minarets.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Last Time i Cried

i don't really remember when the last time i cried.. but i cried when i very sad what happen to me or my family.. actually i very sensitive person..sometimes i can cried when i watched sad movies..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

about me....

assalamualaikum...HELLO!!!!! i'm fatin afika bt abd mutalib..... just call me atin.... i live in sabak bernam, parent's name are abd mutalib and siti khalijah...i call them 'AYAH and EMAK'... i have 4 siblings and i'm first child...i only have 1 boy in my family....actually me and my brother are twins... my face and him very different... now he studying at PSIS,sabak bernam...and i am studying at POLISAS,kuantan... i took electronic engineering course... i'm from class english4tech lecture's is miss NADRAH..This first time i do the blog, so i don't relly know about it...bye!!!

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